What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

What Is the Most Common Dental Emergency?

April 1, 2023  | IN BLOG

Dental emergencies can strike without warning to affect anyone during the day or night. The most common dental emergencies result from neglect of proper dental hygiene and may affect you in the form of toothaches, gum disease, chipped or cracked teeth, et cetera.

When affected by any dental situation, you or your family member, you allow stress to overcome you and wonder what you must do to alleviate the pain and discomfort to save your tooth. While your concerns are justified, it helps if you determine whether you have a genuine problem needing help from the emergency dentist near you or whether you can wait until you receive an urgent care appointment from your regular dentist. However, the need to seek dental care becomes overbearing when the problem with your teeth or gums affects you to cause pain, bleeding, et cetera.

Familiar Dental Emergencies That You Might Confront

  • Toothaches: toothache pain is the most common dental emergency you might confront. Dental pain doesn’t select you for special treatment but results from improper dental hygiene, food particles trapped between your teeth, and untreated cavities. Most toothaches are manageable without seeking help from emergency dentists because the dentist near you also provides treatments for them, giving you painkillers or suggesting treatment for the cavities in your teeth. If you have food particles trapped between your teeth, a dental cleaning helps alleviate the pain but brings you a reminder from the dentist to brush and floss your teeth appropriately to prevent needing dental treatments at unexpected hours.
  • Chipped and Broken Teeth: Biting on complex foods often leave your teeth chipped or broken. The damage to your teeth impacts your smile and will also cause pain if the crack extends below your gum line. You can think the damage isn’t worth visiting a dentist to receive treatment. However, are you prepared to permit the bacteria in your mouth to penetrate the tooth and create infections within? If you aren’t, it helps if you seek treatment for the chips or cracks from the nearby dentist restoring your tooth using tooth-colored fillings to prevent further damage.
  • Knocked-out Tooth: Although not common, you might experience a knocked-out tooth occasionally from impacts on your mouth or accidents. The situation you confront is a genuine concern that needs emergency treatment from the dentist in Murrieta within 30 minutes if you intend to preserve your natural tooth. You can rinse the tooth in your hand in the water and rush to the dentist’s office to replace it in your tooth socket if you get there within the specified time. However, if you delay getting the treatment, you must prepare for considerable investment in replacement solutions if you want to close the gap between your teeth.
  • Lost Crowns and Fillings: Fillings and crowns help restore damaged and decayed teeth from further damage. However, they remain vulnerable to breaking or dislodging from their position. Crowns and fillings may not appear significant but are essential to protect your teeth against your mouth bacteria that created damage in them earlier. Therefore you must have the restorations repaired as soon as possible by visiting the dentist nearby and seeking an urgent care appointment to fix the restoration.

Dental Abscesses

Occasionally an untreated cavity can expand until it reaches the soft center of the housing of the dental pulp and its nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. As you haven’t received treatment for the cavity to let it expand, you might develop pimples near your gums, causing severe pain and sensitivity to temperatures. Dental abscesses are life-threatening because, besides affecting your tooth, they affect your jawbone. In addition, the bacteria spread through your bloodstream to your entire body, making you vulnerable to conditions like cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, et cetera.

A dental abscess needs treatment from your dentist or a professional offering emergency services promptly to ensure you alleviate the pain and receive treatment to control or eliminate the infection from your tooth. You will require a root canal to eradicate the condition if you intend to preserve your tooth, failing which extraction is the only alternative.

Most dental emergencies, except for accidents and impacts on your mouth, result from improper dental hygiene and neglect in following your dentist’s advice. Whether you are affected by a typical dental emergency or one occurring unexpectedly, receiving treatment from a dentist must remain your primary concern because it is a difference between saving or losing your tooth.

StarWhite Dental treats many patients arriving at their practice with common dental emergencies. Occasionally they even receive patients with severe problems that need invasive treatments. If you are affected by any dental situation, kindly contact them for relief from the pain or bleeding affecting you.

Dental Implants

A Dental implant is a tooth made of a titanium post with a replacement tooth (crown) attached to the top. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth, anchor a dental bridge, or a full arch of teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’ve been told that you need to have one or more of your wisdom teeth removed by our dentist, you may be wondering, especially if you are not currently experiencing any painful symptoms. So, if you want your wisdom teeth removal visit StarWhite Dental.