We Put Technology to Work for You

We Put Technology to Work for You


At StarWhite Dental, we pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of dental technology. In line with that philosophy is the Galileos® 3D Cone Beam imaging system. This equipment moves beyond typical diagnostic x-ray potential, enabling us to provide more accurate diagnoses and better patient care.

What does Galileo® do?

The Galileo 3D Cone Beam imaging system provides a three-dimensional image of the patient’s teeth in perfect quality. This allows us to make more accurate diagnoses and implant placement. Plus, we can walk patients through their upcoming procedures virtually to become more comfortable with all involved. Galileo’s digital technology also makes the images scalable and instantly sharable. Contrast this with the film of standard dental x-ray equipment.

Advantages of the Galileo® system

These are some of the advantages our patients can realize from the availability of the Galileo 3D Cone Beam digital system.

  • Low radiation dose (80 to 90% lower than traditional film)
  • A quick, comprehensive scan of the complete oral-maxillofacial area
  • Immediate virtual diagnosis and treatment planning in one visit
  • More certainty during surgery
  • Easy sharing of images and diagnostic information with other doctors for consultation

At StarWhite Dental, we also offer other advanced technology to our patients, things like a 3D intraoral camera, laser periodontal surgery, and same-day crowns. Call us, and let’s put this technology to work for your oral health needs, 951-698-4426.

Dental Implants

A Dental implant is a tooth made of a titanium post with a replacement tooth (crown) attached to the top. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth, anchor a dental bridge, or a full arch of teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’ve been told that you need to have one or more of your wisdom teeth removed by our dentist, you may be wondering, especially if you are not currently experiencing any painful symptoms. So, if you want your wisdom teeth removal visit StarWhite Dental.