Top Care Tips for Dental Veneers

Top Care Tips for Dental Veneers

March 5, 2021  | IN UPCOMING EVENTS

Top Care Tips for Dental Veneers

If you’ve recently received new dental veneers, the last thing that you want to do is crack, break, stain, or otherwise damage your brand-new beautiful smile. Veneers may be strong and durable, but they are not quite as strong and durable as natural teeth, so you can’t do all the same things you used to do before your procedure. 

That may sound a little scary, but not to worry, you need to follow only a few new rules to keep your veneers in great shape. 

Maintain Great Oral Hygiene

This tip applies to all people, all the time, and people with new dental veneers are no exception. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing once daily is a great way to keep your veneers bright and clean and also imperative for maintaining good oral health. 

Visit Your Dentist Often

Like the first tip, this one is important for everyone. Having dental veneers can make it even more so. Visit your dentist once every six months to give you a routine exam and a teeth cleaning while they check up on the state of your veneers. If anything has gone wrong with them, your dentist should be able to fix it. 

Use a Non-Abrasive Toothbrush and Toothpaste

After your procedure, you should avoid hard-bristle toothbrushes, as they can damage the surfaces of your veneers. Instead, use a non-abrasive soft toothbrush that is specifically recommended for use with dental veneers. 

Many kinds of toothpaste are also too abrasive for dental veneers, so you should steer clear of them, opting for a non-abrasive brand instead.   

Don’t Grind or Clench Your Teeth.

Grinding and clenching can damage your natural teeth, so you can imagine what they might do to your dental veneers. Habitual teeth-grinding should be addressed with your dentist to find a solution before it does extensive, expensive damage to your new smile. 

Don’t Smoke

Adding to the long list of reasons smoking is bad for you is this:  It can ruin the shiny white appearance of your dental veneers. Inhaling smoke can stain and discolor your teeth in ways that are difficult to remedy. Your best bet is to avoid smoking altogether once you have your veneers. 

Don’t Consume Stain-Causing Foods.

Foods like pasta sauce, curry, berries, and balsamic vinegar — as well as drinks like coffee, tea, wine, and soda — can badly stain your veneers, removing your radiant new smile. You don’t necessarily have to avoid these foods and drinks altogether, but refraining from consuming them in excess will go a long way toward maintaining the condition of your veneers. 

Avoid Chewing on Things

If you have a habit chewing on things like pens, ice cubes, or even your fingernails, you need to remember that your veneers are not as strong as your teeth. You can easily chip or crack them if you become too careless, so your best bet is to break that chewing habit as soon as possible.

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