How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Take?

How Long Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Take?

August 8, 2023  | IN BLOG

Generally, it takes around 20 minutes or longer to eliminate wisdom teeth. For example, if you want to eliminate four wisdom teeth at the same time, the entire surgery may take one hour. But if your wisdom teeth grow in a difficult position or you have other problems, the procedure may take longer than one hour.

Reasons You Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction Near You

Here are the reasons to get wisdom tooth removal:

Jaw Damage

Wisdom teeth fail to develop through the gums when there is no space around other teeth. Sometimes, cysts can occur around them. When not treated, they damage nerves and cause jaw damage.

Damage to Surrounding Teeth

These molars can also shift the nearby teeth. It results in overcrowding, pain, and bite issues. It makes it tough to stick to good dental hygiene. Furthermore, delaying the treatment also lets you undergo extra procedures to make impacted teeth nearby straight.

Gum Inflammation

Wisdom teeth sometimes grow horizontally or at an angle to other teeth. They result in inflamed gums. These red areas make it difficult to clean. It eventually results in decay and cavity.


Overcrowding occurs regularly when wisdom teeth develop. They

can alter the dynamics of the bite. It results in pain and headache. Early removal of wisdom teeth makes it less likely for overcrowding to happen. Remember, the longer you leave these teeth in the mouth, the more it will create complications from overcrowding.

Sinus Problems

Since our nose and mouth have a close connection, impacted wisdom teeth can significantly affect the sinus area. Wisdom teeth issues can result in sinus pressure, pain, and congestion.

Fast Recovery

Since the root of wisdom teeth is not yet completely developed in adulthood, the extraction procedure is more simple. With time these teeth integrate with the jawbone strongly. It makes wisdom teeth removal much more complex in later adulthood.

Easy Tooth Removal

With time, the wisdom teeth root system becomes hard and dense. It results in painful and difficult tooth extractions. Pulling wisdom teeth immediately in adulthood makes it easier to avoid jaw stiffness, extraction, and other issues.

Provides Protection to the Gums

When you get wisdom tooth extraction too late, it also impacts your gums significantly. Getting wisdom teeth removed early offers protection to the gums and the remaining teeth from periodontal disease. Sometimes, cysts also develop around the wisdom teeth. These sacks of fluids can damage the jaw nerves. If you notice a cyst near your wisdom tooth, fix your appointment with the expert at StarWhite Dental immediately.

Tooth Decay

Since wisdom teeth are in the back of the mouth, they are more prone to dental caries. When this happens, they lead to other oral health issues and are tough to treat later. Wisdom tooth removal at an early stage combats the risk of cavities in these extra molar sets.

Furthermore, when you leave the wisdom teeth for longer, the nearby teeth also develop cavities. It’s mainly due to the swollen gum tissues where cavity-causing bacteria thrive.

Pain and Sensitivity

Most patients realize impacted wisdom teeth only when they face pain. Therefore, do not ignore tooth pain, sensitivity, and throbbing sensations in any area. If you notice these symptoms when getting in touch with the back side of your mouth while brushing or eating food, contact the dentist in Murrieta, CA.

Recovery Tips

After wisdom tooth extraction, the following tips will help you recover speedily:

  • Try to eat foods that you can tolerate.
  • The dentist 92563 may give you prescribed pain medicines. But if it’s causing nausea or other side effects, discuss it with your doctor immediately.
  • Prefer liquid or soft foods for the first few days to prevent wound damage.
  • Keep your wound clean by washing it with salt and warm water.
  • Use an antiseptic mouthwash to prevent the risk of infection.
  • Raise your head when sleeping.
  • To minimize swelling, put an icepack on the face over the extracted area.
  • Avoid driving for two days after the surgery.
  • Refrain from extra hot drinks, washing your mouth, sucking, smoking, alcohol, and consuming foods that need too much chewing pressure. Doing this in the initial 24 hours could dislodge the blood clot.
  • For 2 to 3 days, avoid heavy activities.

Dental Implants

A Dental implant is a tooth made of a titanium post with a replacement tooth (crown) attached to the top. Dental implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth, anchor a dental bridge, or a full arch of teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

If you’ve been told that you need to have one or more of your wisdom teeth removed by our dentist, you may be wondering, especially if you are not currently experiencing any painful symptoms. So, if you want your wisdom teeth removal visit StarWhite Dental.