How is the Teeth Whitening Procedure Done?

How is the Teeth Whitening Procedure Done?

November 1, 2022  | IN BLOG

Professional teeth whitening for you is a safe and efficient method to brighten your smile. The treatment gets finished in several short appointments but usually relies on the needs of the patients.

In-office whitening procedure occurs under carefully monitored conditions. It allows the safe use of a high concentration of bleaching gel which yields good visible outcomes instantly.

Let us check out the process of teeth bleaching.

Stains That Chairside Teeth Whitening Can Help With

The procedure eliminates stains caused by:

  • Intake of a few foods like soda, red wine, dark-colored vegetables, fruits, etc.
  • Use of tobacco.
  • Aging.

Are You the Perfect Candidate

Teeth whitening is not appropriate for the following people with the following issues:

  • Teeth that have become transparent with age – This situation is ideal for the front teeth.
  • Hypersensitivity of gums and teeth – The dentist advises at-home bleaching trays for people with gum and tooth hypersensitivity. These trays contain a minimal concentration of carbamide peroxide.
  • Uncontrollable and in-depth staining on teeth – In case of stains highly resistant to a high concentration of bleach, the dental professional advises take-home bleaching or teeth whitening alternatives like dental crowns, veneers, etc.

Professional Teeth Whitening Procedure

In-office teeth whitening in Murrieta, CA, includes the following steps:

  • Firstly, the dental professional will use a tooth shade chart to find out the existing color of your teeth. They may also insert a cheek retractor in the mouth. It exposes the esthetic zone teeth.
  • Then, the expert polishes the tooth and eliminates the leftover plaque using a pumice tool.
  • The dental professional will use a hardening resin or liquid rubber dam on the gum tissue. It will ensure the teeth whitening agent does not contact the mouth parts while keeping the mouth open.
  • Now, the dentist puts on a teeth whitening agent to the esthetic zone teeth and waits for one hour. Then, the dentist rinses the bleaching gel.
  • The dental expert reapplies the agent if there is a need for extra coating.
  • Then, the dentist also checks how well the teeth whiten between gel applications.
  • After the final application of gel, the dentist eliminates the cheek retractors. Then, he/she washes and then measures the tooth shade.
  • Now, the dentist washes the mouth and applies fluoride to curb tooth sensitivity.
  • You will need extra visits to the dental office till you achieve the desired tooth shade. The teeth usually whiten by two to three shades or as many as 8.

Note: Teeth whitening effect is due to dehydration during the procedure. The patient will notice the new shade after a few days.

Laser Teeth Whitening Treatment

Another method to get sparkling teeth is to get laser whitening treatment. It is also called laser teeth bleaching. This method uses high-intensity laser light on the teeth directly.

It differs from other teeth whitening techniques because the process involves a laser and a bleaching gel.

Laser teeth whitening is much more effective and produces outcomes faster than at-home whitening treatment. The main goal is to minimize the discoloration from the teeth and make them look whiter.

During the process, the dentist puts plastic or rubber equipment in the mouth to keep it open. Then, they wear protective glasses.

After that, the professional shied the gums by adding a gum barrier. It can be light-cured resin material. The dentist now puts the bleaching gel on the teeth.

After that, they direct lasers onto the teeth to heat the gel. It speeds up the chemical reaction of the teeth whitening solution, and changes stain molecules on the teeth to accomplish whiter teeth. The dentist will now eliminate the gum barrier and wash the bleaching gel.

Laser teeth whitening procedure is popular today due to their effective and fast outcome. It is the most costly method for whitening teeth. The dentist leaves the whitening agent for around 15-30 minutes increment.

The whole appointment takes no longer than one and a half hours. The teeth may appear whiter initially than expected. However, it will correct after two days. Following aftercare instructions will help you boost and extend the outcome.

StarWhite Dental offers high-quality teeth whitening services. For more information, get in touch with our dental office near you today.

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