Meet Dr. Jefferson Kim

Dr. Jefferson Kim was born in Portland, Oregon.

Dr. Jefferson Kim
General Dentist

Dr. Jefferson Kim, DDS

Dr. Jefferson Kim was born in Portland, Oregon. He moved across the country at a young age before settling in Raleigh, North Carolina where he spent most of his childhood. He attended college at Indiana University and received his Bachelor of Sciences degree.

After choosing to study dentistry, Dr. Jeff moved to California. He received his dental degree from Western University of Health Sciences where he met his wife, Dr. Vania. After graduating from dental school, he practiced dentistry for several years in Tucson, Arizona and San Diego, California.

Dr. Jeff likes to explore the surrounding areas with his wife and their dog, Link. Together, they enjoy traveling, photography, trying out new recipes on the grill, and taking Link to the beach. He is happy to have found the right place to plant his family roots in the beautiful Temecula Valley.

Dr. Jeff is committed to providing comfortable quality dental care and is excited to serve the local community. In addition, Dr. Jeff has had the opportunity to volunteer in Germany and serve underprivileged children in Costa Rica. He enjoys connecting with his patients and looks forward to treating you and your family for years to come.