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Aging And Your Teeth

Your teeth are resilient and strong, even with all the gnashing and chewing and grinding they will do over the years. But you have to take care of them. Your teeth age right along with you; there is no stopping the march of Father Time. Years and years of wear and tear do add up, […]

Crown That Smile!

Is smiling for a photo-shoot uncomfortable? If your answer is yes, and you avoid smiling because of a missing or discolored tooth, a crown can offer a long-term solution. Crowns are strong and completely natural-looking. A damaged tooth or a tooth that is off-color, oddly shaped or out of alignment can be entirely “capped” and […]

Read On To Become An “Tooth Expert”

StarWhite Dental cares about your teeth. They are strong, resilient and designed to last a lifetime. But your general health, tooth decay, poor dental habits and the passage of time can play havoc with your teeth. Let’s get to the basics…and learn what kind of teeth you have and what makes them so strong and […]